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She sent me an email and told me I would find the man of my dreams....she didn't even get my gender right...I am a guy! I have two words for her and if she is psychic...she knows it's not HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

What a *** artist. You would think a name like Craig would be a man's name wouldn't you.

First it's a big life changing transition and you have to act before 10 days and then when you don't *** you have to send less money blah blah blah...how tranparent is that?

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Jenna About Astro

Hi there, I'm sorry that you feel this way and I'm very upset to see all these complaints. Something has obviously gone wrong somewhere because my service is not a scam and I do respond to all of my clients. Please write to me at contactjenna@aboutastro.com and I will sort this out with you personally.

All the best, Jenna

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