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I had to look up her name JENNA... this is wat i recieved.

Hello there,

I know that I'm writing to you unexpectedly but to be honest I'm worried about you Claire.

I sound serious, and I am, because I fear that you are simply waiting for things to happen without reacting even though some very important changes and chances are just within your reach. Claire; you know I am talking about this vitally important Transit period which is soon to take place and since I still haven't heard anything from you I am contacting you directly today.

this is a shor bit from 5 mails ...all really the same wanting me to sign a form for 60 dollars. i think its sick to play on peoples emotions and fears ....with her scare tactics. im glad i didnt bother, and so glad i looked into this. This sick *** should be stopped. here is some more sick scare tactics she sent me ........

.As I have already told you I really do worry about you because I think

that it will be a real shame that you miss out on this Transit

However this does not in anyway replace the full reading which is still as essential for you. So here is what I can tell you about these extra elements:

Well, just a few days ago I had what we can call 'a flash' about you ..... This kind of phenomena is not unknown to me and I have already had this kind of feeling before. This is a gift which I have had since birth and I receive these sensations through an extra-sensory perception. In other terms, the simple ability to anticipate future events is a sense which is often greatly developed in most creatures on Earth.

you need to prepare yourself and to be sure you have all the knowledge you will need for this period.

sick sick sick......

Monetary Loss: $60.

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