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I had been receiving loads of e-mails from "her" without even replying. Each e-mail told of how "connected" she felt to me and how "special" the connection was - as special as all the other connections she reckons she's going to make an easy penny from.

There were even e-mails about the "last time we spoke"-never spoke to the eejit in my life,that's how *** psychic she is! I was sceptical enough not to fall for the scam.

I entered her 'livechat' and all she wanted was dinero,suprise suprise. She was even willing to reduce the fee!When I pointed all this out however, needless to say she told me I had "better find a new astrologer."

I would advise whoever gave her their credit card details to inform their banks - there's a load of creeps locked up in some back-*** storage facility that have complete access to your account when they so wish.

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Elko, Nevada, United States #17634

First off....you sound like a ***!! very uneducated using *** for swear words.

That is inappropriate. Second, there would be NO storage unit of credit card numbers, Jenna only charged me once like we agreed upon.

I even met my husband through her. So shut your mouth

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