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i am santosh i failed in MBA, my birth place KAGWAD karnataka(INDIA) time 8:45 pm friday.14/nov/1986. birth star ASHWINI.not geeting job anywhere.

i think i dont have good luck but bad. so many astrologers also told me you have good future but idont think so.. so could you plz tel me about my bad future..! plz wherever i am going everywhere unsuccess.

whats the reason for that? is it my own problem? did i made any mistake?

will i able to see bright future?

or always like this? plz plz plz plz tell me

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hey buddy i just want to say that times are hard for us all and you do not need someone to tell your future you need to take it into your own hands. Try your very best and do not waste money on astrology use it for something good for yourself ok.

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