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I've seen some complaints about her on here and I wanted to add to the list. She ripped me off on her bogus astrology report last year and after researching her I figured out she took me and a lot of other people for a lot of money.

Anyone else interested in slamming a class action lawsuit on this worthless ***?

I did some digging (I'm a freelance writer/journalist) and is one of those sites you can pay x amount of money and it's all pretty much a cookie cutter operation. She was probably generating reports from some bogus astrology software program--voila! Scam-a-rama!

This chick needs to be taken down by the law and soon!

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #704651

I wish I would of read all of these post about her. I just paid $40 for a report.

I will say I asked a lot of questions before paying. He or she was on there game when I used the live chat. I also contacted he or she by email. Maybe karma is getting to them.

We will see in 3 Or 4 Days what he or she comes up with. I knew better then believe this ***.

You live and you learn I guess.i'm game for a lawsuit if needed. :upset :roll :sigh


LOSER scammer!!!

Fair Oaks, California, United States #689672

So sad that someone gives false hope to people who are hurting , I had a neighbor who honestly thought that Jenna was real and what she was feeding (neighbor) to her was real. She really believed and then I told her she is a fake.

My neighbor hated me for telling her that!! She or it should be in jail!!!!!!!!


I have two report with two different figures to pay

The first had $80 the second one had $60

copied and pasted the two forms that have the figures, asking her why the two different figure she never got back to me......

scam pure and simple


Yes indeed - they are still ripping people off. Luckily for me - I blocked my card so they did not get to charge it.

Then received an email from them this morning saying they could not charge my card... HAHAHAHAHA yeah right - I sent them back a lovely message pretty much telling them to screw off - you did not get my money - nor will you! This company is out of France - I can only assume there is way more than one person doing this operation! Just save yourself your humiliation and your money - and skip over ANY emails from this "Jenna the Astrologer", it's complete ***!

Everyone gets the same exact suck in email saying the 72 day transition is quickly approaching and unless you get her full detail reading, you will not seize the important opportunites she will guide you through. It's AMAZING how many people have this same exact "TRANSIT" - Do NOT get sucked in - you will be kicking yourself later!!!!!!


Just been had. Trying to sort out pay pal transaction to get payment cancellled. Only ones coming into money are the people running the site.


For those WHO paid money, you got duped by her. I've had REAL astrologers do my charts and they are NOTHING like this witch or he-devil.

This person is going to seriously have karma come back to haunt him/her and they will eventually be sent to jail. There are MANY fraudulent reports against this vile person/people.You are a senseless *** if you believe this person is real - the reports are duplicated and I've compared reports with others and they are exactly THE SAME!!!

ugh! Disgusting, vile person and gives authentic, amazing astrologers a bad name!


Jenna's readings are so sensational and accurate guys!


Jenna's readings are sensational !


I have received a letter saying that i must pay 200 rands because i am in sa. The name is Angela with no surname AND MUST BE ADRESSED TO PRIVATE BAG X23 HOWARD PLACE. CAN ANYONE PLEASE DO RESEARCH



i've made diffrent email account and found out the report that she send me were all look a like. I got in contact with her by live chat.

I confrent her about it and that i've read that she's a scam lol and send copies of the comment to her. lol she closed the chatwindow. Yeah i'm like that always on step ahead scumbacks. Before I let go of my money.

I do research first. It's easy just google her name and you see jenna the astrologer lol. And you will open your eyes.She or he didn't get my money lol.

I put her or him in his place. And what she or he do closed the chatwindow lol


Update: Jenna also goes by Angela Curtis and is affiliated with a company in France Sar Atoll (out of Bordeaux). There's a man affiliated with the company named Baronett Alexandre.

So it's one big scummy, scammy company out of France who's ripping off people worldwide and still ripping people off! Just saw another post on another site about how "Jenna and Angela" are still ripping off people!

Farmersville, Texas, United States #23713

Yeh thanks gang so nearly payed for that report! thought something really important was going to happen for me in this transit but yeh me and every other person sucked in by this lying ***! :(

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #21925

i just had my live jenna chat ,yes

it is True "jenna is software generated , and the live person is

interested ONLY for you to sign the

credit card form $60. bye a BYE

Bolton, Scotland, United Kingdom #18974

When I contacted Jenna, I was surprised that she was only worried about having me sign the form, so that she could receive the money. She didn't seem very interested at all. She was very quick with ending the conversation. My intuitive feeling wasn't good after that and I regret that I continued.

The report was done quickly, very big and it was very repetitive. Noone could have done that in such short period and I am wondering whether she is just using a software generator.

If you get the same feeling that she is after your money, then don't do it!

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