Jenna is a scam i did her site just for fun and she was constantly emailing me that i was going to miss a very important transit period in my life and i needed a full reading(for $60 of course).Just to see what find of scam she was running i went to her site again with new name and different email address to see what she would say.She didn't even change any of the content she sent my other email,the only thing different was my fake name.I hope she reads all of these reviews,she is a thoughtless money hungry FRAUD.I am so glad she didn't get any of my hard earned money.

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In my experience, I have dealt with 2 fake astrologers, Jenna and Sara Freder.I understand that there is another fake called pasqualina which is being run by the same scamsters supposedly located in France.

Luckily I have only received and read their *** for my own entertainment and never paid any of my hard earned money to them.I would advise everyone to do the same.It's really shameful how these frauds exploit desperate and vulnerable people who are going through rough patches in their lives.


I'm always angry with Jenna, but she never cease to sand her fake sheet emails. she is a scam!

Don't believe her pls worldmates!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York, New York, United States #847123

amazing how many weak minded gullible people are in this world, god help us all


I hate to tell you this but it is very likely that Jenna isn't even a real person.It's a collection of people working off one ID almost working like a call centre - but for email.

To everyone who put their faith and trust in this fraudulent operation and who actually felt hope, I can only say I hope you can find the true answers elsewhere. Go out, live life, do good things, and be positive and kind.

If I believe in one thing, it's that you reap what you sow.Hopefully this applies to 'Jenna' as well.


What a leach


Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria #777078

Jesus,I was about sending jenna d &80 ,I thought she was real o,I just say I should see google and know wat they are saying about her before sending her d moni,I really thank God,she has been sending me email


well I also have her so you are telling me this entire thing is a complete fraud?


absolute joke and a fraud- i am waiting right now to speak to her via chat - i intend to waste her time like she has mine - i will pretend to 'believe' - i have no intention of parting with any money...she wants to take the pi*s - well so will I!


She told me that I was undergoing a Transit and that I would meet the Love of my Life during this period and also that I will Financially get more money, If I hadn't visited this site I would have lost $80 without any use :(

Pune, Maharashtra, India #710318

I will only tell leaving everyones comments if really my life will change in a few days so tell me complete astrology and help me to grap all the apportuniteies as free if really my life changed according to your help I will send u double money instead of $80 I will pay u $200 no need to bargain and I will write a long appreciations in comments and accordingly u will be knowing that im very honnest person I will definately pay it :) :)

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