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I found her website by just searching in google.And yes, what Jenna is saying is ABSOLUTELY right: Everything happens for reason.What the "Jenna Team" is doing to people will not go unpunished. So.., hey, you do not worry about her. "Jenna & Co" is loading themselves with so much negative karma.., I feel bad for them..:)If you are reading this you know this is true.

My story:

I ordered the initial FREE horoscope. And.., you will not be surprised much here: I got the "automated response system" template answer. I am sure they have number of templates available.It seemed interesting, so I paid the $80 for the "detailed personal horoscope".In 3 days I got it.After reading through it and analyzing it, I felt something was not right.I am not saying that astrology does not help, or work. Quite the opposite. But Astrology is just a tool which can give you some short cut solutions, and point you in the right direction. And when that tool falls in the hands of some "evil" people.., you see the result.So…, I wrote back to Jenna, I asked if she/he is sure of the predictions made, and just to double check again.I wrote to "Jenna" 3 times, and every time I got 3 automated responses with request for payment. I can tell you one thing: Whoever is behind that scheme, they are pretty good at it..:)Here is the $80 "detailed report" bellow:

"Jenna Detailed Report"=====================================================Your Transit period will run from the 25 December 2012 until 23 March 2013 and during this exceptionnally favorable astrological configuration certain dates and periods stand out very strongly, here they are below:

- 2 January 2013 until 14 January 2013 with two particularly important key dates, the 6 January 2013 and 9 January 2013

- 20 January 2013 to the 25 January 2013 with a strongly influential moment on this particular day, the 27 January 2013

These dates and periods occur within the time-span of your favorable Transit period however and represent particularly favorable days or periods however do not forget that ALL the dates of this period will influence you positively in one way or another and I will be talking more about this to you below in the rest of my Reading for you. The end of the period, between the last of the dates above and the end of the Transit 23 March 2013 is also very important as it is at this time that you will put your plans and actions firmly in place and you will start to feel the very postive impacts of this unique Transit.

The most Intense Transit periods

This Transit will mark a radical change in your life because it will allow you to reach a new cap in your professional career and in your life in general. The situation will completely change in comparison to the previous few months when your astral climate wasn't as favorable. Above all this Transit will mark an important professional opportunity. This will allow you to begin an entirely new cycle. Our lives, and also the lives of all the beings which surround us, react and respond to the notion of a cycle: the rotation of the planets, the seasons, the cycles of life itself... throughout our lives we pass through different phases or cycles. As far as you are concerned your configuration shows quite clearly that over the preceding months you have found yourself in a cycle which has blocked your actions and placed you in a particularly unfavorable ambiance, one which has not helped you to develop, evolve or progress in any way whatsoever. This is why you have felt that things have not been organized exactly as you would have wanted and you have encountered a number of problems recently. This new Transit will sweep away such problems and will mark the start of a brand-new period for you in your life. The changes will center around your professional activity and you will encounter most of these changes between the 2 January 2013 and the 14 January 2013 and also during certain key dates during this period, the 6 January 2013 and 9 January 2013. To get the most out of the opportunities which this period is going to bring you one element is very important, you need to act and I will not stop repeating this throughout your reading as it is so essential to your success. You must act and you are the master of your own destiny.

I can give you the most important moments and the counsel you should follow, the attitudes you should adopt and the pitfalls you should avoid but in the end your life is your own and you need to start shaping the dough yourself, you must work to harvest the fruits of your labors and these dates which I have given you (the 2 January 2013and the 14 January 2013 and also the key dates 6 January 2013 and 9 January 2013) indicate the period when you should get to work in this sense. You need to follow my advice carefully and pay great attention to the wealth of information I am going to give you. You should start preparing yourself now to seize this important job opportunity when it comes to you. To prepare for this Transit here are the different stages which will be essential. I will then tell you the dates of this Transit and more precise information about this job.

1) First of all it is important that you get to grips with yourself.

I know that you have the tendency to tell yourself that it is not really worth it and that you already know yourself very well. Well allow me to tell you that this is not entirely correct. Most people don't analyze themselves at all, thinking that they know themselves very well. However I have looked at your astral configuration and during my analysis I noticed that you are far from mastering your full resources, you even have certain capacities which you are not even aware of yet. All through this reading which you will find below I will repeat again and again that you are greater than you believe yourself to be and that you are far from being able to use all of your capacities and this is a waste in many ways. This is why I produced a supplementary analysis for you which I give you with this reading; it is a natal and character report which will allow you to come to terms with yourself. You can find this document as an attachment to this letter and I will tell you more about it further on.

2) Start changing your mind-set.

I know very well what you are feeling at the moment and the anxiety which you have about your profession, I can see all this very clearly through the vibrations which I have felt about you from the beginning and also through your astral configuration where I can see your current emotional state. I want you to be able to change this state as soon as possible and I will tell you more about how to achieve this in the following few paragraphs. You should be aware that you are living through a very important and unique moment in your life, the dates which I have given you and the Transit period which will soon occur represent a golden opportunity to reach harmony and success on a professional and financial level. You can have full confidence in your destiny and you can invest yourself completely in it. In short this signifies that it is important that you adopt a new mind-set as quickly as possible, one which is a lot more positive than usual. I will tell you more about this later.

3) Get out of the 'what should I do?' frame of mind.

The reason I know in which state you find yourself at this time is because I sense a great deal of doubts and uncertainties within you, a little as if you are going through a tunnel which you cannot see the end of. This is what generates the hesitation you feel, the perplexity and the questions you ask yourself. The negative side to all this is that you spread out your efforts too much, you have tried a number of different paths even if certain of these trials haven't been to your liking but you have been unable to settle for just one true direction. This is happening right when it shouldn't, you now need to concentrate your efforts and your skills. Once again, I am insisting so much on this aspect of your past and your future because this 'butterfly-light' touch on many areas of your life is causing you to loose your way. You have already experienced the kind of feeling that is associated with this drift, you have already felt unsure of your true capacities, of what you really want.

This is why we must first of all, you and me, act to put your onto the right track and in the right frame of mind. As a matter of fact, it is time to change this frame of mind now because if you don't then it could stop you from progressing as you will not be able to avoid having negative thoughts about yourself and everything going on around you. You will waste your energy as you are likely to start certain tasks which you will never finish. For the time being this type of reaction is normal as you haven't yet really set your mind on what you are going to do and you are not yet 100% sure of what you have set out to do. Everything you have started to do already, for example, is already tainted by this chronic lack of conviction. I know that you have recently met a few people who have been touched and convinced by your ambition but unfortunately this has led nowhere for you. Don't regret anything however, you haven't missed out on anything yet and I want you to be perfectly ready when the great moment comes around

To get out of this frame of mind, you first need to recognize that you are in this state and then you need to ask yourself about something which is going to be very important during this Transit as it will guide your research: You should concentrate your efforts on responding to the question « what would make me really happy? »

3) Come to terms with yourself and understand your tastes and goals

This is a fundamental stage because from an astrological point of view it appears quite clearly that the job which you will obtain will have something to do with an issue which touches you deeply and which you appreciate greatly. In your configuration I can see a great deal of personal growth in the future.

You need to avoid missing out on the opportunity of seizing this job and it will be indispensable that your orient yourself towards the correct paths and it this direction that you must decide upon immediately. The choice will be instinctive, you will simply 'feel' which direction you should go in. I can see in your configuration that someone close to you is going to help you with this, it seems to be an older man who will play this important role and who will help you to come to terms with yourself. This individual is going to help you discover your true aspirations and desires for yourself and it is important that you start this personal assessment as soon as is possible.

For this the best method seems to be to ask people around you which area you are best in or in which domain you could excel. As I said, the moment of inspiration will come from someone else, someone close to you will set you on a path which will be very important later on. You are going to have to go about finding this person and this path in a very particular way, you are going to have to get closer to your friends, colleagues and family so that you can ask for their opinion about you. It is important that you receive objective opinions from these people however in your case I know that if you ask questions such as « what do you think about me? » then you will never get the response you are looking for as the subject is just too wide. It would be better for you to ask « do you not think I lack perseverance? » or ask questions about your tastes and preferences and then ask further questions about why you were given such a response. Be careful about what questions you do ask however. For example if you ask a question along the lines of « I find that I am very vaporizing, what do you think » it will be more difficult for the person in front of you to give an opposing opinion and you may miss out on getting the honest opinion that you really need. I am speaking to you about this because I can quite clearly see that a discussion with someone close to you will allow you to have a sudden moment of inspiration. This moment will help you to realize what your real desires, your full qualities and you will be able to orient yourself towards the job offers which best correspond to your aspirations. You will thus be going in just the right direction to get the job you want, need and can get.

4) To prepare yourself for this period you need a good rhythm of work and research.

This is an important part of your preparation and you should take up this rhythm as soon as your Transit period begins. As I have already told you, you need to be active because even if the stars do place you in a very favorable position indeed you will need to react well during this period. It is also indispensable that you pick up a much stricter research rhythm. I know that for the over the past few weeks you have let yourself slide a bit, this isn't too serious really as you needed a break to gather your strength and resources but the time has now come for you to act.

I took a long time to analyze your character and your situation and I am perfectly in tune with what you are feeling right now. Your astral configuration has given me a lot of information which I am going to tell you now, some of the details may seem a little puerile but is important that you follow my advice to the letter.

The first point I want to make is that you should start setting your alarm clock early and get up as if you were heading straight to your workplace. But to get up early and get ready doesn't mean to remain dressed in casual wear just because you don't actually have a meeting yet! Quite the contrary you should slip into something a little more classy, not necessarily a three piece suit but something which gives you the dynamic aura you will need. The image you portray is very important both for your personal confidence and for the impression you give to all the people you bump into during the day.

After breakfast you will start looking at your emails, your post and your agenda. Take careful note of the dates of your Transit and the time which remains before it begins. You will now be ready to start your morning tasks. During 3 hours you are going to begin what is called targeting research. If you have an interview to prepare or a letter of motivation to write then you should do it during this time. I can see in your astral configuration that you will find the advert about your new job during a morning. I will tell you in the following chapters of this reading exactly how you should orient yourself.

The afternoon will be your moment for action. This is the period of your day when you should be very active and when you should depose your job applications in different places. I will come back to this point shortly. You should also make the most of this moment to contact people by telephone as I can also see in your astral configuration that some very positive repercussions will arise from a phone call you will make or receive in the middle of the day.

You can use the rest of the day to enjoy yourself, this notion of pleasure is very important as it will help you to maintain your research.

6)The politics of volume make a great number of contacts.

There is no doubt as far as you are concerned, this is the winning tactic. What this means is that I can see that a large number of contacts is going to be important for you. The solution for you is quite clearly to explore a great deal of different paths and to apply a politic of volume, which means that you should prepare yourself on many different levels, before your transit and then once this period begins and it is essential that you multiply the number of leads you follow during the time between the dates which I mentioned above and which I will put for you again further on. It is important that I am very clear with you about this. You will not get this new job during the period which I have indicated to you however it is during this time that you will make the decisive contact which will lead you to your job opportunity. In other words, it is because you are very active during this period that you will respond to the right advert, the one that will take you to your future job. Things will then settle into place little by little. So in conclusion I can say that you must be very active during this period, respond to all the offers which interest you and trust your instinct. Above all however you must be active as in the weeks following this period you will receive a response in relation to what you do during this Transit. Don't worry too much about where you will find this job offer because if you remain active during this period the astral bodies will do the rest and will push you in the right direction. You simply need to respond to each and every offer which appeals to you and interests you, follow your heart and your unique configuration will do the rest.

8)The most important dates

I have already given you these dates but they are fundamental as these are the dates during which you should be active so here they are again:

from the 2 January 2013 to 14 January 2013 and the key dates during this period, the 6 January 2013 and 9 January 2013

During these dates your astral configuration will be at it's most powerful and will act in the very best manner for your professional future. These dates will mark a decisive turning point for you as it is during these dates that you will respond to the advert which will bring you your future job even if you do not know it yet.

9) When you find this job, here is how events will then unfold

It is important that you understand the chronology of events so that you know exactly what you can expect and when.

From a chronological point of view I am going to set out a little summary:

-First of all it will be important that you prepare yourself before this Transit and to do this you should use the elements which I have given you above; your natal report and the advice which your friends and family can offer you. This preparation is more important than you may believe and it will largely determine the extent of your success.

-From the moment when your Transit will have begun, two dates will be extremely important: These are the 6 January 2013 and 9 January 2013. During these dates you must be very active and that will be enough! As a matter of fact, during these dates your astral configuration will be very favorable on a professional level and the planetary influence upon you may be very strong at times. Simply being very active will be enough as the astral bodies will guide you and put you on the right path. This may seem a little difficult to understand or even to believe but it is exactly what some people call hazard, chance or destiny. We could also describe this in other words and say that this effect is the result of a very beneficial planetary configuration. However I want to be very clear about something, you won't get the job you are looking for during this period and you won't get any confirmation about this job then either but it is during this period that you will respond to an advertisement about this job and it is this key moment that will start off all of the other events.

-Then during the weeks following this Transit you will receive a certain number of positive responses. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact day astrologically quite simply because I can see that the response you are seeking will develop over a certain period of time and a certain number of stages. You will have several meetings and interviews and will exchange several letters with the people who offer your job. You will see that things will work themselves out little by little.

11) Here is what I see about your job

The first things which stands out clearly about this job is the notion of growth and harmony. This job entails an activity which will really allow you to grow and develop in a number of different domains and I can read this very clearly in your astral skies. This growth will not occur uniquely on the level of your professional career but also within the sphere of your personal finances. There is certainly a link with your future job because it is this job that will allow you to obtain a significant revenue and establish a very comfortable lifestyle. In a more general manner this job will bring you many pleasures in many different areas of your life which is why I mention the notion of personal growth; this is something which appears startlingly clearly in your future astral configuration.

I must mention at this points another very strong impression which I have had concerning this job and you future and this is the impression that you will develop a strong relationship with foreign contacts. I will try and be as precise as possible about this and tell you that this foreign connection will be very important for you 'later on' in your new career. It isn't an element which appears in your immediate future but it does appear later in time as an important, beneficial and significant evolution in the demands and requirements of your future job. I can see a notion of foreign travel and I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with how to acquainted with a different culture.

The more this job evolves, the more often you will be required to be in contact with people from other countries and cultures and I can also see that you will have to travel abroad or at least move regularly away from your usual workplace. At any rate what comes out of my analysis is that the evolution of your job will take this direction towards foreign relationships.

A number of new people will work with and support you in your new job and it is very clear to me that these people will have a great deal of respect for you as they will recognize your true qualities. This will not of course happen immediately and you may even ask yourself a number of questions about certain people who first seem to be very cold with you. This initial impression may come from the fact that these people have a false image of you (this is why you should pay great attention to the natal study which I have attached to this letter as you need to understand exactly how others perceive you to be. There seems to be a certain difference between their image of your character and how you truly are) but you will be able to quickly prove your true competences and their vision of you will slowly change. I can even tell you that you are going to be recognized for your skills and this is one of the main reasons why your job will bring you such profound personal growth as you will be happy that your talents and great personal qualities are finally valued as they should be. You will be able to put all your skills to the test through this job.

I foresee a period which will be slightly slack for you, about 15 months after this job will have started for you. This period will make you a little less enthusiastic about your new job but don't worry it won't last for long (as a matter of fact this slack period is in correlation with a planetary Transit which is set to be a little less favorable on a professional level and which begins in just 15 months time.). Don't worry about his however has this is just a very short period which will not harm your job prospects at all. This particular period will only last for 2 or 3 months(according to what I can see in your current astral configuration) and will then be followed by a swift evolution for you on a professional level; your activity within your job will change slightly and you will also benefit from an important promotion.

As far as your feelings are concerned I have some excellent news for you. I will even go do far as to say that a very great change lies ahead of you in the matters of your heart because during the Transit which is rapidly approaching you are going to make a very significant encounter which is going to transform your life. I feel a great deal of excitement speaking to you about this as because I know that this event is going help you reach anew and exciting turning point in your life, most particularly in your love-life. I want to give you all of the necessary details so that you have all the elements that you need in hand when this important encounter takes place, I should mention that this encounter will occur in a very particular manner and it is going to be important that you react at a very precise moment in a very precise manner during very particular periods which are set to be very favorable towards your love-life...

To be a little more precise, the analysis of your astral configuration has shown me that it is during these periods that this most important encounter will take place. The periods I am talking about extend from the 20 January 2013 to the 25 January 2013 and also includes the later key date 27 January 2013. I told you that the encounter you are looking for will take place in a very particular manner and I can confirm that it will; your initial encounter will not take place in a physical manner. As a matter of fact it appears very clearly in your configuration that this encounter will take place through the Internet. I know that the Internet will play a major role in your life and not only as far as your love-life is concerned. I can be absolutely categoric about this because, as you may have already suspected, I have checked and double-checked this information and the dates of the period as it is essential that you know what you need to do and when you need to act and I wanted to be very very sure about this information before telling you about it.

This encounter will take place through the Internet, online, and the initial contact will be virtual. Your participation in all this is indispensable but don't worry because if you act during these favorable periods then your stars will do all the rest. You are going to have to be very present on the Internet during these periods and you must be very active, you must connect up to those areas of the web where people like yourself are also searching. I know that this is something you have thought about in the past (or it's even something which you have already tried) but to be honest with you it wasn't the right moment. You know as well as I do that we should act at exactly the right moment, the moment when the stars are 100% in our favor. And this moment will occur between the the 20 January 2013 and 25 January 2013 and also on the date 27 January 2013.

The reading I have done for you shows very clearly that it is through dating websites and date adverts that you all-important encounter will take place and this is why I insist so much on the fact that during this period you sign up to these type of websites. You are going to have to be as reactive as possible during these periods and I know that I repeat this to you over and over again through all of this report but this is simply because it is a very important point indeed. I want you to listen to your heart and to your intuition and to respond to all of the adverts which touch you in someway. Moreover from an astrological point of view it is obvious that during this period, and uniquely during this period, that a key moment will occur in your research. You must wait for this moment and it is useless to start signing up everywhere on the Internet now, the moment is not yet right and you will not have any great success. It is simply essential that you act during the periods I have told you about. I am now going to tell you exactly how you should proceed, how events will occur and also how you should prepare yourself and how this particular encounter will unfold.

You know that the important moments concerning this encounter will occur between the the 20 January 2013 and 25 January 2013 and you can expect the 27 January 2013 to be very important for you as well.

1) First of all lets analyze how you should now prepare yourself before these periods occur.

What I am now going to tell you is a lot more important than you may suspect because it is indispensable that you are perfectly well prepared for this encounter and that you are ready not only to meet this person but also to seduce this individual and found the basis of a strong and lasting relationship. So to help you with this I have prepared a character study for you which will bring you a wealth of information about yourself, this study is your complete Character Analysis.

I have already spoken to you about this character analysis but I want to remind you through this analysis that you can rediscover yourself and come fully to terms with your true value. This is the greatest gift that you could ever offer yourself. I want you to understand that you are someone special (and I told you this many times in my previous emails to you) , unique and important. There is no-one else like you on this Earth and you are irreplaceable. Your contribution to everything around you is important and I know that you are capable of offering a great deal to your chosen partner. I want you to understand yourself a little better so that you really take all of this into account and this is the major reason why I analyzed your character in a complete reading, a reading which is going to be very useful for you during the changes and the evolution which are soon to take place in your love life and in other aspects of your personal lifestyle.

Let's get back to the preparation you should start. After I finished your natal report I realized that several important points need to be addressed before this period gets underway.

a) Firstly (even if you don't entirely share my point of view) you are going to have to learn to have more confidence in yourself and to stop under-estimating yourself.

This is one of the keys to your success. This is a capitally important point, not just to help you make an important encounter within the realms of your love-life but also to help you meet just the right person. It is essential that you seize the difference between these two aspects. The person you need in your life is waiting for you during these important periods and I will give you some more details about this in the following section. You can believe me and trust in my experience as over the years I have received a great deal of requests from people looking for advice about their love-lives and I have heard over and over again that 'I married the first person who wanted to be with me because I was scared that I would never find anyone else again'. You must boost your confidence in yourself and extend the vision you have of yourself and of your self-esteem and you will then be able to meet the right person rather than just meet someone. Astrology is an extra-ordinary means of determining the trends of a particular period, the influences of particularly favorable moments and the choices which are available but each one of us remains the master of our own destinies. As a matter of fact this is what makes life so very interesting, nothing is yet written in stone and through astrology and other esoteric sciences we are able to correctly identify the particularly influential periods, the direction in which our choices can lead us and the strategy which we should adopt when meeting people and dealing with events. Bear in mind that astrology is a superb forecasting tool but it is you that remains the unique master of your own destiny.

So let's speak a little more about your preparation and your self-esteem. I have included a detailed character analysis for you which will help you come to terms with your true self because I suspect that during these periods you run the risk of loosing confidence in your own actions due to a lack of strong self-esteem. Sure, you will meet people online during this time and will get in contact with a number of interesting individuals but I don't want you ever to feel inferior or uncertain because this could negatively affect the outcome of your efforts. I don't want you to feel obliged to accept partners who are not really on the same level as you culturally, intellectually or even in terms of age. You will certainly feel more reassured with a inferior partner to your needs and I can see that you have made this kind of choice in the past because you had the impression to control the whole relationship a little better. You may have also felt that you didn't deserve anyone better and this is a real shame because I am sure that this kind of attitude will make you miss out on the encounter which I have foreseen for you during these periods.

b) Moreover you should make an effort to free yourself from the events of your past.

I know that you are currently living in a situation which the events of your past have forced you into living, this is shown very clearly in your astrological configuration. I know that you still have certain elements of your past firmly in mind and this is not a problem but you are going to have to make an effort to free yourself from certain elements of your past so that you are free to live new experiences and make new encounters. By liberating yourself you will also avoid making the same errors which you have made before and I can illustrate what I mean with a very simple example.

A short while ago I was visiting an aquarium with my family and my attention was drawn by a tortoise which was swimming gracefully in a large basin. What surprised me was that each time the tortoise passed in front of a particular point in the basin it banged it's head and front feet against the glass. This never seem to hurt it particularly but it always seemed a little surprised at the impact. As a matter of fact the tortoise endlessly repeated exactly the same actions at each new tour of the basin without really realizing what it was doing.

So you can see why it is so important for you to detach yourself from your past experiences, which have been enriching but the person who you will meet during these favorable periods (and I will go on to tell you more about this in just a minute) is so different from the people you have met in the past and is so different from the type of person your currently have in mind that you are going to have to react in a very different manner. I know what you are thinking now and let me reassure you... you are going to be very pleasantly surprised!

c) Free yourself from your doubts and fears.

Your character analysis helped me to determine what you are thinking at this time, what you are feeling and confirmed what I perceived about you right at the beginning. You are someone unique and this Transit will bring you a multitude of very positive changes but in order to get the best out of these changes you must evacuate certain doubts and fears which you have deep within you. Don't worry too much, each of us has our own personal fears and this is of course entirely normal but it is often important to learn how to free ourselves from our fears, most particularly in your case as I can see that your doubts are unfounded and simply represent barriers which you have set up in your own mind and which are pretexts for not going ahead with your ideas. A number of these fears are unconscious and I mention this aspect of your personality now because once these fears resurface into your conscious mind it will be a lot easier to deal with them and evacuate them properly.

Your most significant fear is a fear of engagement, you don't want to commit yourself to anything because you are afraid that things could one day go very wrong. I think that this stems from the fact that you let yourself get overwhelmed by an enormous amount of questions, the type of questions which most people answer together with their partner whenever they arise. Be confident in yourself, in your future and in your life. Nothing can be founded on fear. On the other hand we can build solid and strong foundations on powerful love and you can expect this type of strong partnership in the very near future.

You also seem to have a certain fear about your own freedom, even if you want above all to meet someone. I think that this may come from a fear you have of not being up to the challenge, you seem to be a little timid about all this but do not worry about this because I can also see that the person you are going to meet will also feel timid about your encounter. You need to examine this fear and ask yourself if it serves any good at all. It only brings a lack of confidence and under-estimation and to be honest these are two trends which affect a great deal of couples, you can see them around you every day. Self-confidence is the golden key to your success. Over this Transit period, and once you have fully assimilated all the guidance that this report has to offer, you will be amazed at the transformation you will experience.

d) Trust this Transit

You must trust this Transit completely as you must handle events in a very positive manner. Don't focus too much on the result, the may you go about this period and the methods you apply are much more important. To be honest, the best way of missing out on this encounter is to concentrate too much on each new contact you make, asking yourself whether THIS is the one for you. If you do this you will be stressed, annoyed and you risk dragging up emotions which will just make the whole process a lot more painful. In a word, detach yourself completely from the result (meeting the right person for you) and don't wonder too much about exactly where this person is hiding, just be confident in your destiny and in the powerful influences of this period. Don't forget that it is for this reason that I first contacted you because this Transit is set to change your entire future. Over this period the astral configuration will be strongly in your favor so you can allow yourself to act positively and go about things with detachment and hope. Your stars will guide you so let them do so.

2) During this period, and even afterwards, here is what you must do:

I will now get back to this period and will speak practically about what you need to do. Let me remind you that this period will run from the 20 January 2013 to 25 January 2013 and a very powerful date will occur for you on the 27 January 2013.

a) How you should act

In the previous section I told you how you should prepare yourself and now I am going to describe the manner in which you should act during the period when your astral influences will be at their most powerful. I have already told you, and you understand it now, that during this Transit you astral configuration will be extremely favorable and their action will be particularly powerful but this is not all. You need to be alert and active. I want you to keep one phrase in mind 'Just looking does not mean finding'. So many people never find what they are looking for because they are not determined enough and unfortunately for them, and despite a real desire to discover who their soul-mate really is, they don't give themselves the necessary means to find this person. I do not want you to become a part of this category and this is why you must start preparing yourself right away for this Transit. You need this psychological preparation so that you can search for and find the person you need in your life and to grab the occasion which this period is going to present to you. This determination of yours is going to have to go even further than just this period and you will soon understand why because I am going to explain it all to you in the following paragraph. You must reinforce your determination and your desire to reach your goals simply because this period requires you to be active even though the stars will be favorable towards you and offer you a unique occasion of chance and fortune. You will encounter certain obstacles during your research and you are going to have to try and get over them. Always bear in mind that this frame of mind is the one that will help you to transform your dreams into reality. This may seem a little childish but you must repeat to yourself over and over again 'I am going to find my soul-mate, I will find true love, my partner is waiting for me and this person is made for me'. Everything which man has established was once well thought out. It may seem that events happen a little randomly but this isn't the case, life falls neatly into place following certain strongly favorable moments and coincidence has very little to do with it. In short, cultivate your desire and your will to succeed.

Moreover you are going to have to be very persistent during this period and you will soon understand why. I will tell you about this aspect of your preparation in the next paragraph. You are going to have to make a great effort to reach your goals and this will go through several different stages.

Concerning the manner in which you must tackle things, I want to get back to something which I already spoke to you about further up but which I can never say often enough because when I did your analysis I realized that this point is extremely important for you. Break off with your past completely and get ready to move towards your future. This doesn't mean that you should forget everything, not at all as you should draw on certain of your past experiences. You simply need to empty your spirit so that you are ready to fill your mind with new experiences.

b) What is going to happen

I am now going to describe what events are going to occur in your astral skies. You are first going to live through an intense moment of preparation (I have already spoken to you about this). Then on the 20 January 2013 your Transit will begin and you will enter into an intensely favorable period (but don't expect dramatic changes at 12.01am on the 20 January 2013, you must be patient and await the gradual changes). Then you will see the dates I have told you about come around, between the 20 January 2013 and 25 January 2013 and then on the key date 27 January 2013. You must wait for these periods with a very particular frame of mind (see above) and you now know why you must be active and decisive. Always keep in your mind that you will harvest the fruits of your labors later on. This is now what I want to tell you about.

c) When this encounter will occur

I want to be very clear and honest with you concerning this particular aspect of your analysis because I don't want any confusions or misunderstandings to crop up. During the dates I have told you about (the 20 January 2013 to the 25 January 2013 and then 27 January 2013, you are going to enter into contact with a number of people because you will be very active and because you will be living through a very favorable period astrologically and romantically. Your 'proposal' (to use a very business -like term) will also be seen by a great deal of people among which your soul-mate is also to be found. You may not realize this straight away but you will very soon after. In other words, I would say that between the 20 January 2013 and 25 January 2013 you will get into contact with your future partner, even if you don't realize this straight away (as you will also contact a range of other people) and it won't be until a little later than you will be able to refine your research and harvest the fruits of your labors. One person will then stand out from all of your contacts and it will be this person who will be your future partner. Astrologically I can see that the encounter will happen between the 20 January 2013 and 25 January 2013 or on the 27 January 2013. Events will then move along quite naturally and it is at this moment too that you must be persevering because your dreams will start to come true little by little and over a certain amount of time.

d) What you must do during this period.

This is very simple and I can sum this up in one single phrase which I have repeated to you over and over again:


I am absolutely convinced that after all of the analysis I have done that this encounter that you are waiting for will first take place online, even though later on a real physical contact will be made. The first time you will meet the person with whom you are going to make a new fresh start in your love-life will be via the Internet.

I'm sure that you can now see all of the interest of this report because imagine that during this particular period you are not at all connected online... the aim of this reading is to understand WHERE, WHEN and HOW. This means you get the information you need to be in the right place at the right time and to act in the right manner. Astrology helps us to get as much knowledge and chance over onto our side as possible and limits possibility of pure hazard.

To get back to what you should do during this period, as I have already said you need to be online and active. As this encounter will take place online you must exploit any new paths that this medium brings you. Here are the most interesting paths that you will come across, as far as I can see in your reading.

- It seems that one if these paths is likely to be a very large dating website. As I have said I can't tell you exactly which one this is but according to what I can see the person you will meet has already signed up to this website. I can see a notion of heavy traffic, it seems that this site is not just specialized in dating, this could be a web portal which proposes many other services as well. I can also see that this is a web site which you have already visited and which you know quite well. I must mention at this point that the details I am now giving you and which could make all the difference for you during this period do not come from astrology but come instead from my psychic concentration about you.

- Don't worry too much about this website as your configuration will be so favorable during this Transit that you will be directed and guided towards it. Just leave your intuition free to work, it will not betray you and will lead you in just the right direction. As a matter of fact it is very difficult to say whether or not you will enter into contact with this person or whether this person will enter into contact with YOU. What is certain is that once you feel that you are on the right website you need to sign up with your profile and you must actively look at all the other members. The person you will encounter is not exactly the type of person which you have in mind (don't worry though you will not be disappointed!) and so you may not recognize this person straight away. This is one of the reasons why you need to contact as many people as possible, multiply the contacts you make and later you can sort through them and the person who will be closest to your heart will stand out quite clearly. Be objective about your choices but don't turn down contacts without first considering them, even just a little.

e) How to recognize your partner

From an astrological point of view it is impossible to produce an accurate description of this person and no professional astrologer can do this for you. What I can tell you is that you need to let your heart and intuition speak for themselves. I know that something different will happen within you when this person crops up and you will feel this difference. I can see that your relationship will be built up on an intense and rapid mutual attraction. As I have said, it is important to let time work it's magic because after this powerful first impression only time will confirm this impression. I can see that your encounter will take place in several stages, the initial encounter will be brief and then you will both get back into contact again later on (and it will be up to you to take the initiative) and without you really realizing it the relationship will build up and intensify. After a little while during which all your contact will be established 'virtually' you will set up a real encounter. This encounter quite clearly takes place after the period between 20 January 2013 and 25 January 2013. It will be up to you to choose the meeting place and you should choose a place where you feel at ease because this first 'physical' encounter will be decisive. Just be yourself during this encounter, this will be the most important factor. Don't ask yourself too many questions, you will react instinctively to events and things will happen quite naturally.

f) What your partner expects from you

I was able to determine what your partner expects from you by analyzing your astral configuration and in the area of your Zodiac which deals with feelings and your love-life. I am now going to tell you what I discovered because I think that this will reinforce your relationship together and help you to establish a firm foundation. Your partner will share the same opinion as you and will be someone looking to create a good, solid relationship. This person will expect a great deal of consideration from you and why not! This will be someone who will be interested in you and your life, who will pay you a great deal of attention and who will treat you diplomatically. All you need to do is to give the same in return. This person will be very open, with very few pre-conceived ideas and you are going to have to make an effort to get rid of some of your older and staler ideas. Appearances will not be very important to this individual, their gaze will go much deeper than this. I can see that discourse and dialogue will play important roles in your relationship and in this area you are going to have to accept certain concessions because this person doesn't seem to be someone who reveals their secrets very easily. This is going to have to be something to watch during your relationship together.

It seems that your new partner will be very sensitive about the attention you offer so don't try to be the person that shines most brightly in your couple. Try instead to listen to the aspirations of this person and respect their goals. If you have any doubts at all about how you should proceed, communicate with your partner. Communication is the golden key to your healthy couple. Your new partner is quite clearly someone with a very rich and interesting personality. As I mentioned above, this is someone kind, diplomatic, loyal, trustworthy and reliable.

g) How to get through the different stages of your relationship and consolidate your new couple

I am going to quickly go back over the points I mentioned above. The notion of communication will be a central point of your relationship and you should always make this one of your priorities because I can see that this will be the way in which your couple will survive the test of time. A lack of communication could be damaging for you both. The other strong theme which crops up is concession. You must accept certain things about your partner, trust them in certain ways and offer them the liberty they require. You can invest this trust because I can see that this person will not lie or betray you.

You should also be more reactive than you have been in your previous relationships, not just faster to react but also more ready to listen at the right moment. As I have told you, this person will be very sensitive about the attention you offer. One final point which also seems to be important is that I think you need to learn to control your emotions a little better and don't always react according to the events you experience. Ask yourself what your partner could be feeling.

At any rate, I really want you to understand that as far as I can see in the configuration of your Zodiac, joy and happiness are very strongly attached to this person and to the relationship you establish together.

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Received the exactly same reading about love-life... Word for word.

Lafayette, Colorado, United States #608822

First of all I am a professional astrologer (over 40 years), and professional psychic. I saw her ad for a 'free' reading, and I like to check out what other people are offering so I replied. First of all she completely ignored the 'free' reading part, and tried to sucker me into paying for a reading, instead of honoring her 'free' reading. When I called her on it, she sent me a canned reading and not even one that has the detail that you would get with a cheap computer program.

As an astrologer it takes a good two hours to translate a chart sufficiently (without using some computer program), that is why really good astrologer's charge a significant fee, and I am no exception.

But, Jenna does not even bother to use a computer program, she simply looks at maybe one planet makes a vague statement about it. There is fear dialogue that tries to prompt you into action of either taking advantage of a more detailed reading. Which if you actually read her sample reading you would know she was bogus.

There are plenty of reputable people out there and people like Jenna make it difficult for everyone.

Here are some guidelines to a good reading.

In Astrology:

First if a free reading is offered, take advantage of it. If the free reading tries to get you to buy a reading by using fear tactics, know that you are dealing with a scam artist.

Second, how vague is the info in the reading. I list the exact aspect and what that aspect means. Did you get a canned response with vague details?

In a psychic reading:

I start out all of my readings telling you something detailed that has happened in the recent past, that is accurate and that you know, and I have no way of knowing. This lets you know, that I know before I start giving you a detailed reading about what is coming. I do ask for confirmation on if what I am saying makes sense to you, but I do not ask leading questions. You should feel that the reader actually has given you an accurate detailed reading, about past, present and future. You should refrain from trying to fill in the blanks with a reader and simply let them give you the info. Do not answer leading questions, or offer information.


to ruadcaelnia Don Mills, Ontario, Canada #611056

I too almost fell for her trap but didn't. I have been looking for someone to help me so many question but can't seem to find I one that is true.

I wish for some answers but who knows I might one day. :sigh

to Eprime Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #619256

so very dissapointed and hurt fear tactics is something i have learnt the lesson on today :sigh

to ruadcaelnia Los Angeles, California, United States #611269

I noticed the details you give out for determining a legitimate astrologer. I see you are in Colorado. Can you tell me where to find someone in California?

to ruadcaelnia #730210

Namaste for the sensible advice. It is unfortunate that you could not post a link to your own site, as I believe I would most certainly welcome a report from someone such as yourself.

Kind regards

to ruadcaelnia #763401

I was wondering if there was anyway I could get in contact with you?

I'm really interested in your services... I was thinking about buying like one of the offers she sent me but of course i know something feels fishy about it..

and so I looked up reviews for her, and they all sound along the same line, in a negative tone..

Thanks :)

to ruadcaelnia #781248

Can you please give me your email address, I would really like to have you do my readings.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #602163

I received the same reading from these people. Someone needs to stop them.I am really pissed off.


She sent me three messages. I did a bit of research and she is located in France. Here is the research:


Updated Date


Expiration Date



Begles, Aquitaine 33130


Administrative Contact

Begles, Aquitaine 33130


Telephone: +33556674198

Fax: +33556674199





She is definitely lying...do not pay $80!!

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