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There is nothing about the reports provided by this website that are valid & don't fall for the redirect from Cafe Astrology!! Celia, Jenna, whoever, total scam and this site is cheating people out of their money. If anyone knows a way to recoup the money, please let everyone know. There is a way they get their link in when I applied to Cafe Astrology and did not realize I was being redirected, so please BEWARE! They let you think you can... Read more

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I had my 12 months reading from her and it turned out to be same readings every 3months. Cheating!! There is no way to access her website after purchase... scam Add comment

I nearly made a life time mistake by buying her 2nd reading, mine happened just last night after she constantly begged me to allow her do my reading. I gave her the details of my credit card that was before I goggled her and saw all those comments and I said to my self am ***. I quickly went to a nearby ATM machine and withdrew all my money. Tommorrow I will go and cancel my card. In the morning I got a message from Her that my card couldn't... Read more

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Absolute TOTAL ***! scam! Rip off! And disgustingly Priced at £79+ for a so called detailed personal Reading that is merely a Template of the same long..long.....longggg... Load of old cod's wallop!! The typo's are cringy and stand out like a sore thumb amongst all that JARGON I actually thought at first read SOOO spot on I got chill's.... typo 1 forgiven..2? Really? ... 3rd *** typo made me check the review's about this rather convincing SCAM!... Read more

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I am feeling such an *** just wish id seen these reports first. Ive also just paid for the second reading and once my payment was taken, did not receive the reading nor hear from dear jenna again. Despite emailing her various addresses, several times, unsurprisingly i suppose, she has not responded. Whilst i shouldnt have been so *** to believe all her words, she should be ashamed at preying on and taking money from vulnerable people like me... Read more

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Yes she is a scam! I didn't even receive my $65 personalized in depth reading. No replies whatsoever once she received my $. Don't trust her! Add comment

This lady I found for fun I relised strait away that sheis a scammer it wos supposed to be a free reading then she drops on the line of muny I then new she wos not genuine thank yu lynn lucas be warned of her kind regards lynn Add comment

I accidentally bought her reading twice with in the same week and she gave me two different foretellings... my twelve month forecast where completely different and i tried messaging her several times about me making two payments she never replied, This is to me partly a scam its like a cookie cutter template but you do get accurate horoscope reading so she did not lie about that. She keeps sending me several messages wanting me to pay more for... Read more

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I asked for a horoscope in nov. 2013 and pays 80$, again " Jenna " offered a " special summer reading " for 49$. With the same " methods" customers wrote above! Nothing happened, but my money disappeared!! Please block her website she is a thief! Add comment

I don't ever remember to site and asking her for info and I don't know how she got my personal information Add comment

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